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The “IT-Alfa Free Status Checker” tool is a totally free and free-to-use value-added service (for clients and not); in any case, IT-Alfa Online Services Corp (service management company) reserves the right to modify / change / update and even eliminate the tool without prior notice and without the need for any approval from its users.

The "IT-Alfa Free Status Checker" tool is a service offered "as is", 100% accuracy is not guaranteed in the displayed records or sent notifications. No tool is 100% foolproof and perfect… The “IT-Alpha Free Status Checker” tool is no exception to this rule.

The "IT-Alfa Free Status Checker" tool is free, and no cost will ever be associated with the use of the tool.

By using the “IT-Alfa Free Status Checker” tool, you agree that the data entered by you for the creation of your account (such as name, email address, etc.) is stored on our servers.

IT-Alfa Online Services Corp does not sell, disclose, or share in any way the data used to create your account, we will not SPAM and in no way do we track your profile.

The "IT-Alfa Free Status Checker" tool is for public use; in any way, those users who make use of the service for illegal or illegal purposes will be immediately suspended, IT-Alfa Online Services Corp reserves the right to delete any account that it considers in violation of the terms and conditions of the service.

The "IT-Alfa Free Status Checker" tool can be used freely, but currently the maximum limit is 50 URLs or Domains per account.

Customers or users of the "IT-Alfa Free Status Checker" tool do not have the right or permission to resell the service under their own name or brand (IT-Alfa offers it for free; therefore, no one can profit from this tool) .

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By using “IT-Alfa Free Status Checker” tool, you unconditionally accept the terms and conditions of the service, at no time will IT-Alfa Online Services Corp be sued or blamed for improper or illegal use of the service.


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